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Prevent Chocolate Overdose: Don’t Use Clear Containers
This study belongs in the “No Crap, Sherlock” category.  Researchers announced today the results of a study that revealed – shockingly – that putting chocolate in a clear bowl causes you to eat more of it.  Here’s what the lead author of the trial, Brian

Wansink, the John S. Professor of Marketing and Applied Economics at Cornell, had to say about it:

"Not surprisingly, the participants ate fewer candies when the [Hershey] Kisses were in opaque rather than clear candy jars on their desks and even fewer when the opaque jars were six feet away from their desks," Wansink said. "The less visible and less convenient the candy, the less people thought about it and were tempted."

Hmm . . .

Researchers were also surprised that the women in the study thought they ate more chocolate when they had to get up to retrieve them. 

Hmm . . .

It must have been fun writing and pitching this press release.  

But you know what, this story might get lots of coverage.  After all, I’m writing about it.

Hmm . . .


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« Tired Of Health Studies That Sow Mass Confusion? Me Too. | Main | On V-Day Canadians Do Virtual Better »


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