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Webby Awards: "Seeing" Cardiovascular Disease; Optimizing Online Health Search
The Webstar-studded Webby Awards took place earlier this week (on June 12).  Along with a special appearance and performance by Prince, two innovators in Internet health content and online search were awarded prizes this year.  They were:

-Anatomical Travelouge: The InVision Guide to a Healthy Heart

This fantastic site provides visual images of the cardiovascular system and the damage caused by a number of common conditions like high blood pressure and stroke.  The idea is to educate people on the causes and consequences of these diseases by showing them what they look like.  Worth a look.  Click here to learn more.

-Healthline: Physician-Mediated Online Medical Search

Healthline is a healthcare-related search engine that provides users with information on various medical conditions without typing in keywords or knowing medical terms.  Healthline is available by registration only and combines expert guidance (physician review of medical content) with social media technologies: tagging, user-rated content).  This Website is designed to provide users with the best of both worlds: the "wisdom of crowds" and experts. 

Click  here to learn more.

You can find out more about the Webby Awards by clicking here.  While you're there consider nominating someone for an award.

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Wow, the InVision Guide sure is cool! It is very interactive and once I realized I could "open" the information, it really drew me in. Maybe I'm just a sucker for glossy graphics!

This might have been a nice, gentle intro to the diseases of the CV system before reading Lilly's great text on the subject.

Thanks for posting the link.

Jessica: Thanks so much for reading and commenting. The InVision Guide is certainly cool. After further exploration, I'd prefer it if the tool were a little bit more user-friendly. I had trouble navigating it at times. Flash is cool, but confusing sometimes.

Thanks for the kind words regarding Healthline ... I did want to point out that the website does not require registration (registration is only necessary in the event you want to save and tag search results or articles, create email news alerts, or write and post reviews of articles). Full disclosure - I'm employed by Healthline.

Bill. Thanks so much for your clarification. I appreciate it. When I reviewed Healthline, I was under the impression that one had to register to access many features. It looks as though this is the case, but basic searches do not require registration.

Thanks again.

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