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Taking The Pulse Of The Healthcare Blogosphere

Earlier this year, my firm Envision Solutions and The Medical Blog Network launched the first global survey of healthcare bloggers. Today, we released the results of this poll, which will be discussed during the Healthcare Blogging Summit this afternoon in Washington DC.

Following are some key results of this survey:

- Many bloggers are writing for altruistic or personal reasons, i.e., to share their experiences or educate others

- A number of bloggers hide their identity to protect themselves, friends, family, patients and careers

- Many respondents view their fellow bloggers’ statements with a critical eye. However, they are confident most bloggers will make it easy for them to access a range of perspectives via their blogs

- About half of those contacted by PR professionals write posts based on information they receive from them

- Respondents are split on whether running advertising compromises the integrity of healthcare bloggers. However, many are willing to invite advertisers to appear to their blogs

Click here to download the full results of this survey.

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The speakers at this conference are mainly people trying to cash in on the health care industry. They are posing as "experts" on the actual bloggers. If you are interested in this topic, please try to check out the herculean (and unpaid) efforts of patient advocates and critics of the health care industry. My own blog can be found at


I'm sorry that you weren't able to attend the conference yesterday. If you had, you would have found out three things:

1. Many, if not all of the people speaking at the conference were "real" healthcare bloggers with years of experience in this area of the blogosphere.

2. People may be using blogs to promote themselves, but they aren't making a lot of money from it and do it because they are passionate about it.

3. I've been studying healthcare blogs for a while now and have highlighted the efforts of many unpaid bloggers in my research -- much of it is available free of charge.

Overall, one of the values of the healthcare blogosphere is that it is quite diverse. Thanks for sharing your point of view.

I have also spent years in the blogosphere, and I maintain multiple blogs as well. The chief difference between the bloggers you choose to survey and invite and bloggers like myself is *recognition* by various who's who arbiters. It's not that my opinion is any more opiniony than others. It's not that news articles or source documents are somehow more suspect when I post them. The only difference is who people like you choose to call the health care bloggers: and from the Summit panels, that choice doesn't seem too diverse at all. It seems like you favor PR people, doctors and lawyers, and people high profile enough to run their own conferences. I'm willing to bet your Summit was white as snow as well: not because your racists, but because you are promoting the people who look "successful" to you.

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