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Is The Medical Blogosphere Dying?
Dr. Kevin Pho, author of the popular blog Kevin, MD has been writing an excellentreaper1.jpg series of posts (click here, here and here) focusing on the recent evolution of the medical blogosphere.  In recent days, a number of prominent medical bloggers, including Flea and Fat Doctor have left the blogosphere.  

The shrinking pool of physician bloggers has ignited a debate about whether doctors will be able to continue to write online and how to protect patient privacy.  Articles in USA Today and other publications focusing on whether physician blogs will potentially violate HIPAA guidelines have further fueled this conversation.  

So, is the medical blogosphere dying?  It is too early to tell.  I think that physicians will become (even more) cautious – especially those who hide their identity.  If they are being sued for malpractice, like Flea, is it almost certain that they will stop blogging in order to protect their legal rights.  

Read more about this debate at the following blogs:

-Highlight Health
-Doctor Anonymous

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