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Oct 8
Introducing . . . The Digital Health Revolution

Earlier this year the folks at Scribe Media approached me with a Dhr_logo.pngproposition: would I like to host a new WebTV show focusing on digital health?  I was intrigued, because I had been thinking of developing a podcast on this subject with some friends from the health industry. But, unfortunately, the plans fell through because of the age-old enemy: not enough time.

However, partnering with Scribe provided me with the opportunity to focus on conducting and preparing for interviews with interesting people.  I’m leaving the production to Scribe’s capable hands.  I started to tape interviews this summer and had a blast.  I also attended the recent Health 2.0 conference and did 5 interviews in 5 hours.  It was tiring, but exhilarating.  


News about the program has been percolating throughout the blogosphere, but today I’m pleased to announce the official launch of the show.  It’s called The Digital Health Revolution (DHR). This bi-weekly program will chronicle how the Internet, computers, mobile phones and other technologies are impacting health globally.  A major emphasis of DHR will be on how social media (e.g, blogs, podcasts and social networks) have handed unprecedented power to the masses.  It features in-depth and intimate interviews with the people who are researching, using and creating the digital technologies that are reshaping health today.

The first two interviews are up for your viewing pleasure.  As indicated above, they are pretty in-depth, but hopefully worth watching.  I’ve already conducted a raft of conversations with some very interesting people representing intriguing companies.  For example, Marc Monseau of Johnson & Johnson talked about his blog and adds additional insights into why the company sued the Red Cross.  Susannah Fox, who just came out with an interesting report on how people with chronic conditions use the Internet, is the subject of the second interview.  

I’m also pleased to announce that Know More Media, the blogging network that hosts this blog, and the popular and controversial Medgadget have agreed to syndicate the program (in the future).  I’m grateful for their support.  I’d also like to thank those who agreed to sit for interviews with nothing to go on but my description of the show.

To learn more about the program or to contact Scribe about appearing as a guest or sponsoring DHR, please click here.

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Kudos, Fard! We'll be watching!

Fard- this is a terrific idea and I look forward to watching. In terms of how you are conceiving the series, what areas of focus/scope of topics do you intend to cover (or not) as the series continues?

Hats off to you and Scribe for putting this together!

Hey Fard - this sounds fantastic! Looking forward to tuning in, and watching your success.

Renata, Andy:

Thanks for your kind words. I hope the series takes off and we all have lots of fun putting it together.


We don't have any areas that we WON'T cover. We plan to focus on as many areas where digital technologies are impacting health as possible. This includes EMRs, pharmaceutical R&D, preventive medicine, health literacy, medical education, etc. If you or others have ideas for folks we should be speaking with, please let me know.

Good luck!

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