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New Report Examines Impact Of Health Web On Patient-Provider Relations, Trust Of User-Generated Content

Earlier this week, Harris Interactive released the latest edition of a tracking pollreport_cover_2.png focusing on the number of Americans who go online to find health information.  The big surprise this year was that “only” 150 million US adults had reported using the Internet to find health and medical content this year.  In 2007, 160 million Americans reported conducting online health research.  

Harris cautioned readers not to get too excited about the poll, saying: “The difference between this year’s and last year’s survey results . . . are well within the possible sampling error.”  Overall, there are still a lot of Americans turning to the Internet for health content.  

In light of these results, I found a comment by Humphrey Taylor, chairman of the Harris Poll, especially interesting.  He said: “[Currently] there are no objective measures of how accurate and reliable . . . online information actually is.  [However], it seems that the Internet is positively contributing to the quality of health care.”  


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Welcoming Jim Edwards Back To The Blogosphere
It's been a very busy week, but an e-mail from Jim Edwards, formerly of Brandweek, annoucing that he is once again writing about the pharmaceutical industry, caught my eye. Welcome back Jim!  It's good to see you again! To read... Continue Reading
Keller Fay Group: Pharma Should Stop Salivating Over Social Media
Earlier this month, the Keller Fay Group, a word-of-mouth marketing company, released research that has gotten a lot of attention amongst some of my colleagues.  The study, which was featured in eMarketer’s newsletter recently, indicates that 74% of peer-to-peer pharmaceutical-related... Continue Reading
Kaiser Family Foundation Hosts Webinar On Health Blogosphere
The Kaiser Family Foundation is holding a Webinar on July 29 focusing on the growing influence of policy-related health blogs on the news agenda and journalism.  I’ve witnessed this trend first-hand – mainly via my other blog Envisioning 2.0 –... Continue Reading
Digital Divide Closes: Two-Thirds Of African Americans Online
A brief, but significant blog post today.  New data from Yankelovich indicates that the black-white digital divide has narrowed significantly.  Better yet, it has closed.  According to the study: -68% of African Americans report they are online – compared with... Continue Reading
McNeil Pediatrics “Seeds” Unbranded ADHD Online Community On Facebook
Today, yet another Johnson & Johnson affiliated company has begun to use social technologies to communicate about health.*  McNeil Pediatrics, a division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, recently launched a group on Facebook, ADHD Moms.  McNeil bills ADHD moms as a “unique... Continue Reading
Jul 8
Pew: High Speed Hesitation Continues For Low Income Americans
Data from the Pew Internet and American Life project and other sources have long indicated that economics is a major barrier to increased broadband adoption.  Now, new data, released by Pew just before the July 4th holiday weekend, suggests that... Continue Reading
Jul 1
Sermo Docs Launch An Online Health Reform Movement: Will It Matter?
Over the July 4th weekend, expect to see fireworks in a town near you and on your television.  Today, a bill that was supposed to institute a 10.6% cut in Medicare payments for doctors was supposed to go into effect. ... Continue Reading

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