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Jul 9
Going for Broke With the Path of the Blue Eye

A few months ago, I mentioned an initiative that I've been working on that's been stretching me to the limit and beyond.  Today, I'm pleased to announce that the Path of the Blue Eye project has been officially launched.

The goal of this initiative is to bring people working in health marketing communications together.  I'm trying to help to break down the silos that exist between industry sub-segments (e.g., PR, advertising, digital marketing) and geographic regions.

I've decided to launch the project a bit differently.  Once you go to the Website you'll understand what I mean. Some may react negatively to the approach, while others will think it's interesting. Whatever your reaction, know that  I believe so strongly in what I'm doing that I don't mind literally going for broke in order to grab people's attention and interest them in working together toward a common cause. 

Together, we are stronger.  Not only will we be better prepared to serve our clients and others, but the general public will benefit as well. 

I hope you decide to join me on this journey.  Learn more about my thinking on this project by visiting the official blog.  

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This is awesome Fard - after checking out the site and what you are doing, it's pretty apparent that this is the type of innovation that I think about when it comes to public health or in this case, health communications. Happily going to be spreading the word about this.

It is very useful and the postings are very interesting for more information you can check :

nice project fard. googe luck.

Thanks for author for this awesome post.
Really your writing skill is very much better than other blogger.

Thanks for this awesome post. Really your strong motivated writing is always helps us.

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