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Jun 4
A Counterproposal: Four Digital Activities Pharma Companies MUST Engage In Now Or Next Year
  This morning, I came across a tweet by Jonathan Richman, who writes the blog Dose of Digital, focusing on "10 digital marketing ideas pharmaceutical companies will never try (but should).”  Richman said that he created the list because he has...
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Social Media “Experts”: You’ve Got To Know Your Stuff
Thanks to Silja Choquet (whydotpharma on Twitter), I learned about a post on Sally Church’s blog, Pharma Strategy Blog, focusing on social media “experts” who are providing incoherent or inappropriate advice to pharmaceutical companies about social media marketing strategy. ... Continue Reading
Lilly Takes Its Zyprexa PR Offensive To The Web
In recent weeks, Eli Lilly and Company has been rocked by allegations that it engaged in off-label marketing and hid information about potentially deadly side effects associated with its blockbuster antipsychotic medication Zyprexa.  Last month, the New York Times published... Continue Reading
FDA & Pharma Industry Hatch Deal To Streamline Review Of DTC Advertising
Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FDA and the pharmaceutical/biotech industries have hatched a deal to streamline review of direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising.  Under the proposal, the FDA would ask drug firms to contribute between $40,000 and $50,000 to... Continue Reading
Nov 9
Are Drug Firms Wasting Their Money On DTC Advertising?
Last July, CommonHealth released an intriguing study focusing on direct-to-consumer advertising (DTC).  According to a company press release, the research “challenges many of the assumptions of both academic and policy critics of DTC.”According to CommonHealth, some of  the main criticisms... Continue Reading
Nov 2
Phreesia's President & CEO Responds To Waiting Room Marketing Post
Earlier this week, I posted an article focusing on how pharmaceutical companies are marketing to patients in the waiting room.  In my post I highlighted the efforts of several companies, including Phreesia, which develops WebPads that patients fill out and... Continue Reading

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