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New Research: Seniors Aren’t Going Online . . . For Now
A new study highlighted in the Washington Times recently indicates there is a high level of interest in online health information amongst American voters.  However, many seniors still lag behind their younger counterparts when it comes to health-related Internet use.  

According to the Washington Times’ editorial:

“[H]igh levels of interest and willingness to learn more online cut across gender, party affiliation and ideology. Yet age is a different story. Voters 65 years and older exhibit dramatically lower levels of interest, with only 48 percent saying they would look for further information on the Internet. Interestingly, a much larger number (75 percent) of those in the next youngest age cohort (55-64-year-olds) say they would look for further medical information online.”

This data is not very surprising given research (link opens PowerPoint presentation) from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.  Pew found that just 31% of people 65 and older are going online.  In addition, people over age 70 are just not very interested in the Internet.  

Gary J. Andres, who wrote the Washington Times editorial, suggests that policymakers “need to be aware of the special needs of those over 65, at least for the next several years.”  

Interestingly, data from both Pew and American Survey indicate that as younger Americans age, the proportion of seniors online will increase.  

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