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PR Agencies: Please Read This Post About Blogger Relations It’s Very On-Point

Recently, because my blog has been listed on a few lists compiled by publicideas.jpg relations professionals, I’ve been getting lots and lots of pitches about various health-related products, services and issues.  I’d say that 99% of them are not relevant and indicate that the person sending the pitch has no idea about I write about on a regular basis.  

I’ve been thinking about writing a post about this for a while now, but didn’t want to whine about getting irrelevant pitches.  However, I came across a great article by my friend Toby Bloomberg that I just had to pass along.  It’s titled: “Blogger Relations: I Don't Need A New Best Friend.”  Bloomberg writes:

“Lead with what is most valuable to me and my community. Help me understand why I should not only care about the nifty new product or service or book or conference or cruise .. but why I should take the time to write and research the post and dedicate space to promote your client.”

Her post is filled with great advice for PR pros and lots of links to resources that will help increase the odds of successfully working with bloggers.  

For those of you who have me on your blogger outreach lists, I have one piece of advice:  Please take the time to read my blog (I have nearly 2 years of posts) and understand what I focus on.  If your pitch is relevant to what I write about, you’ll get my attention.  If not, it’s going to be immediately deleted.

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Fard -
If people would work with bloggers in the same manner as they do journalists (although bloggers are not journalists)we could create a Triple Crown Win: for bloggers, for the community and for the client. It's not brain surgery .. but it is good business!

A lot of it is our fault, in the PR business. We opt to show client's the "bright, shiny objects," (the "tactics"), and don't think through the importance of strategy, fit and appropriateness of the medium and messenger. With my other hat on, that of MommyCast producer, I see the same thing: we get pitched all the time with very lame stuff, including one, I kid you not, addressed to "Dear Steve:" FYI: MommyCast hosts are named Paige & Gretchen!

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