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Apr 6
First Comprehensive Report on Healthcare and Blogs Released
I’m excited to announce the release of the first comprehensive report on healthcare blogs.  The report, which I developed for my healthcare marketing communications consultancy Envision Solutions, provides readers with lots of information about the impact of blogs on patients, medical professionals, the pharmaceutical industry, non-profits and other players in the healthcare industry.  The report is titled, The Emerging Healthcare Blogosphere: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

The report is also filled with tips and tools for learning about the healthcare blogosphere and creating a successful individual or institutional blog.

I’m grateful for all of the support I received from the blogging community as I researched this important topic.  Without exception, everyone was willing to talk with me about their blogging efforts and what they thought of the “healthcare blogosphere.”  I’d like to take the time to thank the following individuals for their assistance.  Without them the report would not be nearly as complete and compelling.

-Steve Rubel, author of Micro Persuasion (thanks Steve for your enthusiasm, yes, it’s finally out)

-B.L. Ochman, author of the What’s Next Blog (thanks B.L. for going above and beyond the call of duty – you know why)

-Amy Tenderich, author of Diabetes Mine (thanks for providing me with new commentary for the report)

-John Mack, author of the Pharma Marketing Blog (thanks for letting me republish portions of your essay and helping with the Cialis Blog “scoop”)

-Shahid Shah, author of The Healthcare IT Guy (Shahid, thanks for putting me in touch with the FDA and for your responsiveness)

-John McDonough, author of A Healthy Blog (John, thanks for taking time out of your VERY busy schedule to provide me with commentary)

-Robert French, author of InfOpinions? (thanks Robert for your thoroughness and support of this project)

-Dmitriy Kruglyak, publisher of The Medical Blog Network (thanks for being a medical blogging pioneer and for your enthusiasm)

-Dan Smith of Know More Media (thanks for your support and enthusiasm for this project)

Click here to read a press release about the report.  It is now available for purchase and download at my firm’s Web site.  

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Fard, awesome work. You're a pioneer!

I'd like to follow in your footsteps ... maybe we can talk sometime about how you put this illuminating report together.

» Fard Johnmar Publishes Ground-breaking Report on Blogging in the Healthcare Industry from Know More Media
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Thank you, Fard! What a great report. I hope it does well--it certainly deserves it.

» Medical Blogs Hit a Milestone: First Ever Analyst Report Released by Envisioning 2.0 from The Medical Blog Network
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Fascinating! If you're looking for more participants in future reports, I'd love to do it. I'm the Science and Health Channel editor and also the healthcare blogger at

Dr. Hsien-Hsien:

Thank you for your note. I've checked out your blog and it is quite interesting. I'll be adding it to my RSS reader. Thanks for your support of this project and if I plan to expand the report, I'll be sure to contact you for an interview.



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