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Apr 5
Healthcare Videos On YouTube
I recently came across a post on Christine Gorman's recently launched blog (Global Health Update) focusing on healthcare-related videos appearing YouTube.  Gorman's pretty enthusastic about the service, but is careful to note its many shortcomings. 

She has posted information about five of her favorite health-related videos in the blog post.  One of them -- focusing on HIV/AIDs -- was developed by high school students.  I'm going to take a look at the videos when I get a chance later this week, but thought I'd mention them today.

Gorman's post is interesting on another level.  Steve Rubel's been asking us to pay attention to other "Centers of Gravity" in the social media space.  These You Tube  videos indicate that consumer-generated healthcare content is starting to appear in other parts of "Web 2.0."  This begs a question: Will podcasting, You Tube and other Web 2.0 technologies soon supplant blogs as a major source of consumer-generated healthcare content?  I don't think this is likely, as it is taking a while for blogging (a relatively mature technology) to catch on in healthcare. 

Nevertheless, YouTube is a site I'll be paying more attention to.  I'll do my own search on YouTube for  healthcare-related content and report back on what I find. 

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Good idea, youtube is accessed daily by hundreds of people. Her point will be spread more easily.

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