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Sep 7
Social Media & Healthcare Communications: New Resource Provides Guidance On The Engage & Encourage Strategy
Last week, I talked a little bit about how social media is influencing healthcare communications.  In that post, I observed: "As social media slowly becomes more entrenched and influential in healthcare, it will become increasingly difficult for people in the industry to retain complete control over their messages."

I suggested that one way forward is to shift from a "command and control" communications strategy to what I call "engage and encourage."  Engagement means working aggressively with influential developers of social media so they engageencourageimg.jpgcan help spread the word about healthcare products, services and issues.  Encouragement is collaborating with those creating "consumer-generated content"  and developing "sponsored" social media to help enrich and expand dialogue about healthcare-related topics.

I have a lot more to say about how to communicate effectively about healthcare in a social media world.  In fact, I had so many ideas about this new strategy that I decided to develop and publish an e-book on the subject.  Readers of this free resource, "From Command & Control To Engage & Encourage," will learn:

- Why traditional command and control communications strategies are slowly becoming less relevant

- How to engage creators of social media appropriately and encourage them to communicate your messages accurately

- How to develop social media and retain ownership over your content

This e-book is available at my firm's (Envision Solutions) Web site.  Click here to download it.

Please feel free to pass this e-book on to anyone you feel will find it useful.  (Please help the ideas in this e-book spread.  Click here to learn how.)

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Compelling e-book and we continue to be impressed with your blog! It is exciting to see all of the new activity and innovation brewing in the online health space over the past several months. In advance of our press release next week, we wanted you and your readers to be among the first to know we have just launched OrganizedWisdom (, a health-focused social networking site. We have combined doctor-reviewed content from Healthwise and are enhancing it with user-generated content from people with practical health experience. We are integrating new features almost weekly to keep enhancing the site so we welcome any feedback as we build the community. If you or your readers would like to take the site tour and share some health wisdom:


Thanks so much for your kind words about the e-book. I'm glad you found it helpful. I'll check out the site later this week.

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