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Oct 4
ChangeThis: An Innovative Way To Share Ideas; Your Support Needed
A few weeks ago, I announced that I published an e-book, “From Command & Control To Engage & Encourage” designed to help players in the healthcare industry get a handle on social media.  I’ve been very happy with the response to the e-book and honored that people like Nedra Weinreich, Toby Bloomberg, Neville Hobson, Lee Hopkins and Dmitriy Kruglyak have found it helpful and recommended it to others.

After reading the e-book, a friend of mine suggested that I submit a proposal to a Website called “ChangeThis” to expose it to a wider audience.  ChangeThis is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping ideas about business, technology and other topics spread. Seth Godin thought-up ChangeThis, which is now part of 800-CEO-READ

Over the past few years, lots of people I respect, including David Maister, Debbie Weil, Mark Cuban and Guy Kawasaki have produced so-called “manifestos” (sometimes based on previously existing material).  I’m happy to announce that my proposal was accepted by ChangeThis for potential development into a manifesto. 

Here’s where I need your help.  The editors of ChangeThis select proposals for further development based on the number of votes they receive.  It’s a bit of a popularity contest, but I can see how ChangeThis is using the “wisdom of crowds” to foreground good ideas.  So, if you would like to see my e-book become a ChangeThis manifesto, please visit my proposal and cast your vote.  Voting closes on November 2.  

While you are there, I encourage you to visit a few other proposals I think are worth noting:

- The Natural Advantages Of Small Business:  John Jantsch, author of the award-winning blog Duct Tape Marketing has developed a proposal focusing on the benefits of small business for organizations of all sizes. 

- Creativity & The Chaotic Edge:  Ernie Schenk asks companies interested in innovation to “reside in a creative space that yields ideas that are neither too radical and therefore useless or too conservative and therefore inconsequential . . .  [and] balance themselves at their own edge of chaos.”

I’d like to thank everyone for reading and commenting on this blog and for your continued support.  Once again, to cast your vote, please click here.

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Fard - I would encourage all of your readers to take the few seconds and vote for your ebook. It would be great to have more people understand the basics of social media and how it can be leveraged as a "Credible" marketing strategy.

Thanks for your comment and support Toby!


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