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Depression Education, Cause Alliances & Social Media Communications -- Part V
This article is part of a six-part series focusing on the Wyeth-sponsored non-profit coalition Depression Is Real.  To learn more about this series, please click here.
The Depression Is Real Podcast: The Coalition Speaks
Earlier this year I conducted an e-mail interview with Barbara Hylard, formerly with the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, about the mental health-related podcast, The Down & Up Show.  Following are her remarks about the podcast.  To read part one of this interview, please click here.
1. Why did the Coalition decide to develop a podcast?  

We developed a podcast as simply another way to get the message out. The PSA campaign covers the traditional communications vehicles of print, radio and TV and we wanted to expand the delivery of our message to the Web.  We know that podcasting is a new and growing medium, and thought it would be an innovative and fun way to raise visibility about the seriousness of depression.   DBSA’s Real Recovery Podcast is very successful so we hoped this would be too.

2. Who is the podcast's primary audience?

We are trying to reach anyone who has an interest in depression – consumers, family members, policymakers, reporters, friends, etc.  Mental health issues have increasing visibility in the media and in popular culture, as well as in policy settings.  It is amazing to see how many different topics there are surrounding depression and how many people have been touched by this illness.  Our belief is that since everyone should be interested in depression in some way, this show will have something to offer most people.    

3. How is the Coalition planning on integrating audience feedback/contributions to the show?

We have a comment section on the Web site as well as a toll-free number for people to call in and let us know what they think.  We want to build a loyal listener base, so feedback is very important to help us refine the show, stick to certain topics that listeners find most interesting and find guests that most listeners want to hear from.

4. What's been the response to the show thus far?

While the show is still fairly new, it has been well-received – certainly by the Coalition members’ affiliates and constituencies.  We are working to push the show out further and gain momentum by covering both evergreen topics, like knowing the signs of depression, as well as being responsive to recent events like the Virginia Tech tragedy.  Dr. Ellen Frank, who is the host, is a real asset and guests have expressed how much they like being interviewed by her.  I think as we build listeners we’ll get an even stronger response.

5. How long do you plan to produce the show?

Right now, we have plans to produce it to the end of the year, but if it really takes off, we would like to continue on into 2008.

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