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Steve Rubel Of Micropersuasion To Appear Here
I will be interviewing Steve Rubel PR guru and author of the well-regarded blog Micropersuasion on Thursday, March 2.  I'm going to be talking to Steve for about 30 minutes about the implications of blogging for healthcare media, patients, physicians ad others.  I'll be posting excerpts from the interview on this space shortly thereafter. 

I'll also publish the questions I'm going to be asking Steve before the interview.  If there is anything anyone thinks I should ask him on the subject of healthcare blogging, please let me know.

Check out the full list of people interviewing Steve on Thursday by clicking here
Government Taps Docs To Tout Diuretics
Tearing a page from the pharmaceutical industry's play book, the government has announced that  it has started a  program designed to encourage physicans to use more diuretics.  This detailing effort was launched, in part, to counter marketing efforts by pharmaceutical... Continue Reading
Big Issues Management Moment: 130 Reports Of Suicidality In A Single Month For Eli Lilly's Strattera
Janne Larsson, a writer from Sweden, is reporting that the British received some disturbing news about Eli Lilly's ADHD medication Strattera recently.  She says that 130 individuals either attempted suicide or tried to hurt themselves over a one month period... Continue Reading
Greed or Economics? -- You Be The Judge
People are fuming over a report that appeared in yesterday's New York Times focusing on Genentech's plans to charge $100,000 a year for its cancer medication Avastin.  That's right folks, $100,000 a year.  Avastin has been shown to extend life... Continue Reading
On V-Day Canadians Do Virtual Better
Ah, Valentine's Day.  The scent of roses is in the air.  Lovers are whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears.  And we all know what is in store for this evening (cue the Barry White music). However, it appears that... Continue Reading
Prevent Chocolate Overdose: Don’t Use Clear Containers
This study belongs in the “No Crap, Sherlock” category.  Researchers announced today the results of a study that revealed – shockingly – that putting chocolate in a clear bowl causes you to eat more of it.  Here’s what the lead... Continue Reading
Feb 8
Tired Of Health Studies That Sow Mass Confusion? Me Too.
Many of you may have heard about the results of three studies (study 1, study 2, study 3) published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).  The basic gist of the studies is this:  A low-fat diet... Continue Reading
Feb 6
Healthcare Marketing Communications: It’s All About Telling A Good Story
I have to give credit where credit is due.  Easton asked me to define healthcare marketing communications in a comment on one of my first postings to this blog.  If it wasn’t for his question, I would have started posting... Continue Reading
Feb 3
What Is This Blog About?
Please note that this blog is no longer active. is a blog focusing on the wide, wide world of healthcare marketing communications.  By reading this blog, you'll get the skinny on breaking healthcare news (sometimes we'll be the first... Continue Reading
Who Am I?
Please note that this blog is no longer active. ABOUT ME My name is Fard Johnmar.  I am founder of a healthcare marketing communications consultancy, Envision Solutions, LLC.  The firm specializes in analysis, strategy, content development and training.  Like so... Continue Reading

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