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A Conversation With Susannah Fox

The Pew Internet & American Life Project's Susannah Fox is well-known foSusannah-Fox_000.jpgr producing highly valuable (and sometimes controversial) reports focusing on how the Internet is impacting health and wellness.  Her latest report, focusing on microblogging platforms like Twitter, got a lot of folks in the twitter and blogospheres buzzing. 

Fox took some time out of her busy schedule to chat with my firm Envision Solutions about the Project's work, how social technologies have impacted her research and other topics.  The interview is featured in the Spring 2009 edition of my firm's newsletter, EnvisioningClick here to read the interview. 

Amy Tenderich’s Excellent 2009 Diabetes Design Challenge
A few weeks ago, Amy Tenderich of Diabetes Mine, launched the 2009 edition of her Design Challenge, “an online competition to encourage new tools for improving life with diabetes.”  This year, Tenderich is working with the California Healthcare Foundation, to... Continue Reading
Stretch Yourself Until You Break, Then Do It Again
Recently, I’ve been working on an exciting (somewhat scary) project that’s been keeping me up at night and stretching my creative abilities to the limit.  I’m not going to reveal what is it just yet because it’s not baked.  And,... Continue Reading
Listen to FDA’s DDMAC Discuss Pharma and Social Technologies
UPDATE:  Okay, I just finished listening to the podcast.  It was certainly informative, but left me with a few critical questions. Dr. Jean Ah Kang, the person Senak interviewed, was helpful because she clarified a few points: • It’s About... Continue Reading
Why Twitter Is Capturing More Of My Mindspace; What’s Your Take?
     Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning . . . there are so many online communities available, but it’s becoming very hard to figure out which ones to join – or keep up with.  I use or visit many social groups, but have... Continue Reading
New Data: Social Networking More Popular Than E-mail Worldwide
New data from Nielsen Online indicates that social networking is now slightly more more popular than e-mail. According to Mashable, the firm reports that “66.8% of Internet users across the globe accessed ‘member communities’ last year, compared to 65.1% for... Continue Reading
Mar 4
Supreme Court Rejects Preemption
In a much anticipated decision, the Supreme Court today held that individuals have the right to sue pharmaceutical companies for harm even if the Food and Drug Administration certifies that a medication as safe and effective.  The Bush administration and... Continue Reading

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