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Chasing Spinach: Law Firm Leverages Social Media To Attract Clients
Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published an interesting article focusing on how small business owners can leverage social media tools like blogs and podcasts to build relationships with their audiences and attract customers. 

“According to the Journal: “When it comes to generating goodwill between a company, its customers and prospects -- the very essence of public relations -- it's a buyer's market for small businesses. . . Much as the Web has enabled entrepreneurs to sell products independent of bricks-and-mortar retailers and their limited shelf space, so too is it letting them engage the public without the mainstream press or the spinners who court it.”

Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion is cited in the article as a leading representative of a new breed of public relations specialists that are gearing up to help companies – large and small – take advantage of the brand building potential of the Internet. 
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Pharmaceutical Marketing: Two Drug Industry Veterans Debate The Issues
Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau who spent 10 years working as a sales representative for three pharmaceutical companies has just produced a documentary, Money Talks, that contends the FDA is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry.  (See this post on Envisioning 2.0... Continue Reading
Social Media & Healthcare Communications: Government Gets Into The Act
R. Craig Lefebvre, author of the blog On Social Marketing and Social Change, posted a great article yesterday lamenting the fact that some folks in government shy away from implementing social media because well . . . they're "from the... Continue Reading
Social Media Marketing At Work: GourmetStation’s Get Out Of The Dog House Video Campaign
Two weeks ago, Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing Blog announced that she had helped launch a new contest, Get Out Of The Dog House, sponsored by specialty food company GourmetStation.  The campaign, which blends social and “traditional” media, is designed... Continue Reading
As Spinach Recall Widens, Experts Ask Natural Selection Foods To Develop A Blog; Is This The Right Strategy?
Last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned consumers that people in numerous states had become sickened when they ate spinach contaminated by E. coli bacteria.  Currently, 109 people in more than 15 states have become sickened and one... Continue Reading
Two New Online Health Services To Debut Next Week
Healia To Launch On Monday Tom Eng, of the search engine Healia just popped me an e-mail stating that he is launching a new version of the service on Monday (the site is live today).  Here's what he had to... Continue Reading
New Journals Highlighting Negative Study Results
According to the latest edition of Sharon Begley's Science Journal (published in the Wall Street Journal, subscription required), some scientists are creating journals that highlight the negative results of clinical trials.  They are doing this partly to respond to analyses... Continue Reading
Consumer-Driven Healthcare: Customer Satisfaction Does Not Equal Quality
Consumer-driven healthcare (CDHC) is a concept that has steadily gained traction over the past decade or so.  At its heart is the idea that if patients have enough information they will make better decisions about their care.  In addition, some... Continue Reading
Sep 7
Social Media & Healthcare Communications: New Resource Provides Guidance On The Engage & Encourage Strategy
Last week, I talked a little bit about how social media is influencing healthcare communications.  In that post, I observed: "As social media slowly becomes more entrenched and influential in healthcare, it will become increasingly difficult for people in the... Continue Reading
Issues In PR: Accreditation, Ethics & Why Journalists Hate PR Pros
There’s been a lot of conversation going on lately about public relations (PR).  Many PR people are lamenting the sorry state of the profession and focusing on what can be done to improve it.  See below for a rundown of... Continue Reading
Sep 5
Global Healthcare Blogger Survey Reminder
This post also appears on the blog Envisioning 2.0. As readers of this blog may be aware, my firm Envision Solutions and The Medical Blog Network (TMBN) are currently fielding the first global survey of healthcare bloggers. Since the launch... Continue Reading

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