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Why Genzyme Should Start A Blog
(Update: Read a five-part series focusing on Genzyme that was inspired by this post.)

The newspaper articles were gut wrenching.  One recounted how a man sobbed as he phoned friends and family to raise money to pay for his wife’s expensive medication.  Another featured the tales of patients struggling with their insurance companies, depleting their savings and taking out second mortgages on their homes to pay for medical treatment.  

The articles were published in the Wall Street Journal between November 16 and December 28, 2005.  Geeta Anand, who wrote the stories, examined how the high cost of medications affects patients, their families, insurance companies and healthcare providers.  

In two of her four articles, Anand singled out Genzyme, a Massachusetts-based biotech company, which makes the only available treatment for Gaucher disease, a rare illness that results in organ swelling and bone damage.  She asked: “Why is the price of Genzyme’s drug for Gaucher disease about $200,000 a year for the average patient?”  She went on to note that “the company makes a profit of more than 90 percent, excluding marketing and corporate costs, but including capital depreciation.”  
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Analysis: Pfizer Slapped With RICO Lawsuit
Is Pfizer in bed with the Mafia?  I think not.  However, a union welfare fund based in Tony Soprano’s home state of New Jersey has slapped Pfizer with a RICO lawsuit.  In the lawsuit, the union alleges that Pfizer marketed... Continue Reading
Who Else Is Blogging About Healthcare Marketing?
For those of you tired of my long, ranty posts :) take heart, this one is going to be short and sweet. Right now, I'm curious about whether anyone out there knows of any other people blogging primarily about healthcare... Continue Reading
Audience Fragmentation and Social Media: Why Healthcare Is Different
Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about the impact of social media technologies like blogs on healthcare.  I interviewed Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion about this topic.  I also commented on Toby Bloomberg’s experiences with a physician... Continue Reading
Blogs and Healthcare: The Future Is Now
Last week, Toby Bloomberg posted an interesting story about her experience with a cardiologist traveling to the American College of Cardiology annual meeting on her blog, Diva Marketing Blog.  The physician was curious about what Bloomberg did for a living... Continue Reading
The Internet Toll Cometh?
One of the wonderful characteristics of the Internet is that it is largely a level playing field.  Anyone with a dollar and a dream can develop a Web site and transform how we perceive and consume content.  However, if the... Continue Reading
A Big Thank You To Know More Media
I'd like to thank Know More Media (KMM) for developing and distributing a press release announcing that I have joined the network.  I've had a fantastic time blogging for KMM.  I've also learned a lot from everyone here.  I'm happy... Continue Reading
British Rely On 6 Websites -- Really?
According to research published on March 6 by Directgov, the UK government’s “super site,” the majority of British Web users only visit six Web sites on a regular basis.  In addition, 95 percent say that they go online with a... Continue Reading
Mar 8
Wal-Mart, Blogger “Relations” and Healthcare Communications
The hue and cry within and without the blogosphere has been quite intense ever since the New York Times reported on Wal-Mart’s efforts to enlist bloggers in a pro-company public relations campaign yesterday.  For those (few) of you not in... Continue Reading
Mar 2
Social Media Tour: Steve Rubel Chats About Healthcare Blogging
Well, the interview is now complete.  I had a wonderful time getting to know Steve during our interview.  He (and I) appreciated the fact that bloggers (Shahid, John, Courtney, Easton) contributed questions for the interview. Following is a transcript of... Continue Reading
Mar 1
Questions For Steve Rubel
As many of you know, I will be interviewing Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion tomorrow afternoon about healthcare blogging.  In an earlier post, I promised to publish the questions I'll be asking Steve for the blogging community to comment on/add... Continue Reading

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