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I've added a"most popular posts" category to the blog.  By clicking on this category link (at the right), you can view the articles that have received the most visits from HealthCareVox's readers.  (Or, click here to view the articles.) ...
The Six Habits Of Highly Effective Healthcare Bloggers
Darren Rowse, author of ProBlogger, has launched a special blogging initiative, titled the “Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers Group Writing Project."  For the project he has asked bloggers to share tips on effective and successful blogging.  Given that my focus... Continue Reading
Google Health = Google Co-op
After much speculation that Google would launch a health portal, “Google Health,” the company quietly announced a new search service, “Google Co-op,” that enables people to conduct highly targeted searches on healthcare-related topics yesterday.  According to USA Today: “Users can... Continue Reading
May 5
Blogs and Bulletin Boards: Differences, Similarities and Uses
While traveling this week, I had a number of interesting conversations with healthcare education and communications experts about blogs.  Many of them were very familiar with online bulletin boards or forums, but were less aware of blogs.  In addition, I... Continue Reading
What Are The Implications Of Google Health?
Over the past few weeks the blogosphere has been buzzing about a secret project Google may be working on, titled “Google Health.”  According to some bloggers, Google is developing a healthcare portal (similar to Google Finance) that will help people... Continue Reading
Audience Fragmentation and Social Media: Why Healthcare Is Different
Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about the impact of social media technologies like blogs on healthcare.  I interviewed Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion about this topic.  I also commented on Toby Bloomberg’s experiences with a physician... Continue Reading

Blogs and Healthcare: The Future Is Now

Most Popular Posts Archives


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