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Hospital CEO Blogger Provides Example Of True Transparency
Bob Coffield, a lawyer and blogger practicing in West Virginia, and I have been having an interesting conversation about transparency in healthcare.  He turned me on to a recent post from Running A Hospital, which is written by hospital CEO Paul Levy.  In his post Levy asks: “Do I get paid too much?”  

What I found most interesting is that Levy had the courage to candidly discuss his compensation and ask his readers what they think about it.  This was surprising for two reasons:

1. Corporations – especially their chief executives – are traditionally very leery of discussing executive compensation.  

2. A CEO blogger has fully embraced the ethos of the blogosphere: honesty builds credibility with your readers.

Levy’s post illustrates why corporate blogging is about much more than publishing carefully crafted messages and spouting lawyer-speak.  Organizations have to be willing to tear down some of the communications barriers that have traditionally been placed between them and their constituents.  Corporations thinking about blogging should be prepared mentally and physically to start and maintain a successful Weblog.  

To find out whether your corporation is really ready to get involved in social media, take this quiz developed by John Bell.  
Social Media Marketing: It’s All About The ROI
There’s a lot of conversation going on in boardrooms, at conferences and other places where executives congregate about social media marketing.  Some have embraced the power of this communications strategy to drive visibility, improve customer responsiveness and put a “human... Continue Reading
Examining Revolution Health’s Social Media Communications Strategy
This week marked the official launch of Revolution Health, the brainchild of Steve Case, co-founder of AOL.  To date, Case’s company has received significant coverage in the mainstream media, with the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) and other publications focusing... Continue Reading
Blogs Versus Social Networks: Which Online Tools Will Capture Healthcare Providers’ Eyeballs?
Last week I participated in an interview with Nicholas Genes, MD, PhD, founder of the popular blog carnival Grand Rounds.  Genes has been a major force in medical blogging for many years now and asked me whether more physicians will... Continue Reading
TechCruch Sparks Revolution Health Debate
A quick FYI: TechCruch posted on Revolution Health (see my article here) recently.  The article is pretty straight forward, but the real action is in the comments section.  It looks like Revolution Health and its competitors are arguing about the... Continue Reading
BioPharma Company Cephalon Takes Tentative Step Into The Healthcare Blogosphere
As readers of this blog are aware, I’m always on the lookout for examples of how healthcare companies are utilizing technology to communicate with their stakeholders.  Recently, I learned about a Website developed by Cephalon, a biopharmaceutical company that develops... Continue Reading
New UMass Dartmouth Study: Social Media, The Inc. 500 & Healthcare
Earlier this week, Eric Mattson (who writes several blogs, including Marketing Blurb here on the Know More Media network) and Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, released details of a fascinating study focusing on business adoption... Continue Reading
Lilly Takes Its Zyprexa PR Offensive To The Web
In recent weeks, Eli Lilly and Company has been rocked by allegations that it engaged in off-label marketing and hid information about potentially deadly side effects associated with its blockbuster antipsychotic medication Zyprexa.  Last month, the New York Times published... Continue Reading
Jan 8
Five Things You Don't Know About Me
Virtual (and reality) pal Toby Bloomberg tagged me a few weeks ago with the latest meme to cross the blogosphere: “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me.”  I normally don’t blog much about myself on either of my Weblogs, but... Continue Reading
Jan 4
Three Questions I’d Like To Answer In 2007 Re: The "Marketing" Of Healthcare
Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that your holiday season was restful and fun.  Over the past week I’ve been catching up on the news and I’ve noticed that there are always lots of predictions about what issues will be... Continue Reading

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