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JupiterKagan Hits A Snag Over A Name
A few weeks ago, JupiterKagan ignited quite a bit of a blog storm about a study it conducted focusing on the use of blogging technology by corporations.  Now the firm has raised the ire of a different group of bloggers...
JupiterKagan Incident Revisited
John Mims chats with me about lessons learned from the JupiterKagan incident in the latest edition of his podcast, Altyrian View.  Click here to learn more and download the podcast.... Continue Reading
JupiterKagan Changes Its Stripes
Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing Blog talks about how JupiterKagan responded to her latest request for methodological information on one of its healthcare-related studies.  JupiterKagan responded to her query promptly and completely.  The company's response should help minimize the bad... Continue Reading

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