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Brief Blogging Break; Coming Attractions
I'll be taking a brief blogging break next week due to travel.   I'll be back the first week of June.

I've got some special events coming up that I'm pretty excited about.  These include:

-The final post in my pharmaceutical marketing three-part series (click here and here to read parts I and II).

-A new series of interviews with prominent communicators on blogs and healthcare.

Thanks to all my readers for making this blog so much fun.

See you in June!
Pharmaceutical Marketing Series Part II
Readers of HealthCareVox are aware that I am posting a three-part series on pharmaceutical marketing in the United States.  This series is organized as follows: -Part I: A brief history of pharmaceutical marketing 

-Part II: Pharmaceutical advertising from 1997 to... Continue Reading
The Six Habits Of Highly Effective Healthcare Bloggers
Darren Rowse, author of ProBlogger, has launched a special blogging initiative, titled the “Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers Group Writing Project."  For the project he has asked bloggers to share tips on effective and successful blogging.  Given that my focus... Continue Reading
The Current State Of Podcasting In Healthcare
Hans Oh, PhD recently published an interesting post on the current state of podcasting in healthcare on his Weblog, the eHealth Blog.  In his post, he revisited an analysis he conducted in 2005 on the state of podcasting in healthcare. ... Continue Reading
Google Trends: Measuring the Impact of Healthcare Communications
Steve Rubel has been blogging a lot lately about a few new tools Google has launched to aid online search and analysis.  He's not very bullish on Google Co-op, but has a lot of good things  to say about Google... Continue Reading
An Alternative To Google Co-op?
eHealth has the scoop on a new health-related search engine,, that has some nifty features.  One thing I like about the site is that it allows you to segment search results by audience (teens, seniors, ethnicity) and level of... Continue Reading
Reaction To Google Co-op Mixed
After posting my initial thoughts on Google Co-op, I received a few comments and read several blog posts on this tool that were less than complimentary.  A few of them are highlighted below. Comments Left On HealthCareVox  Jessica Otte was... Continue Reading
Google Health = Google Co-op
After much speculation that Google would launch a health portal, “Google Health,” the company quietly announced a new search service, “Google Co-op,” that enables people to conduct highly targeted searches on healthcare-related topics yesterday.  According to USA Today: “Users can... Continue Reading
Pharmaceutical Marketing Series Part I
This post is part one of my three-part series on pharmaceutical marketing.  Continue Reading
May 5
Blogs and Bulletin Boards: Differences, Similarities and Uses
While traveling this week, I had a number of interesting conversations with healthcare education and communications experts about blogs.  Many of them were very familiar with online bulletin boards or forums, but were less aware of blogs.  In addition, I... Continue Reading
May 1
Pharma Marketing: John Mack On "Bitter Pill" Awards
As you know, last week I attended the Bitter Pill Awards, which focuses on inappropriate pharmaceutical marketing.  John Mack of Pharma Marketing Blog also attended the tele-event.  He's got an interesting post up about it.  Click here to read it. ... Continue Reading
Blogging Will Be Light This Week
Blogging will be light this week, as I'm going to be traveling on business for the next few days.  However being on a plane/at a hotel will give me an opportunity to work on my three part series on pharma... Continue Reading
More On Google Health
Dean Giustini, author of the interesting Google Scholar Blog, wrote a comprehensive article about the benefits of a Google Health (he calls it "Google Medicine") portal in January.  It's worth a read. (See this post for my thoughts on Google... Continue Reading

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