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Let The "Sicko" Propaganda Wars Begin!
Earlier this month Michael Moore announced that his new documentary “Sicko” has “been selected to be part of the main program of this year's Cannes Film Festival.”  As many know, the film will focus negative attention on the usual suspects (i.e., the pharmaceutical industry and managed care organizations). Moore also appears to be a big fan of universal healthcare, as evidenced by a recent trip he took to Cuba with 9/11 first responders.  According to the New York Post:

“Filmmaker Michael Moore's production company took ailing Ground Zeropropaganda.jpg responders to Cuba in a stunt aimed at showing that the U.S. health-care system is inferior to Fidel Castro's socialized medicine, according to several sources with knowledge of the trip.”

However, conservative groups are not planning to take Moore’s documentary sitting down.  Today Consumers for Healthcare Choices (CHCC) announced via its e-newsletter, "Consumer Power Report," that it is funding an anti-Moore film, “Sicker and Sicker.” Taking a page out of Moore’s playbook, the documentary will “feature Canadian patients coming to the United States to get care that was unavailable to them in their own Nirvana.”  The film is scheduled to be released at the same time as Moore’s “Sicko” -- if it is funded.   

It will be interesting to watch CHCC’s and Moore’s supporters duke it out for the public’s attention and sympathy.  Want to take bets on who will come out on top?
The Growing Influence Of Healthcare Blogs
Over the past few months we’ve seen evidence that healthcare blogs are growing in influence. First, hospital CEOs, influential journalists and others are jumping on the blogging bandwagon.  Second, to the chagrin of health executives, whistleblowers are using the medium... Continue Reading
In Healthcare The Truth Is Often A Moving Target
In healthcare, we long for absolutes, but are often frustrated.  We conduct rigorous clinical trials only to later find that a drug has an undesirable or dangerous side effect.  We write medical guidelines based on the best available evidence and... Continue Reading
A Moment Of Silence
I will be observing a daylong moment of silence on this blog tomorrow in honor of those killed and wounded in today's senseless shooting rampage at Virginia Tech.  My prayers and condolences go to all of those affected by this... Continue Reading
New Research: Seniors Aren’t Going Online . . . For Now
A new study highlighted in the Washington Times recently indicates there is a high level of interest in online health information amongst American voters.  However, many seniors still lag behind their younger counterparts when it comes to health-related Internet use.... Continue Reading
Respect & Civility: Is It Possible Online?
Over the past year, we’ve been bombarded with numerous accounts of crass behavior online and off.  Whether it is foul-mouthed celebrities and talk show hosts or personal attacks within the blogosphere, it is clear that the level of discourse needs... Continue Reading
Apr 5
The Public Health Benefits Of Social Media
Recently I attended the 2007 Centers for Disease Control Leaders to Leaders Conference.  It focused on New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s concept of a “flat world.”We often talk about the benefits of social media for individual consumers and healthcare... Continue Reading
Apr 3
Big Pharma’s Battle For The Public’s Hearts & Minds: A Poem In Four Stanzas
Last weekend, 60 Minutes aired a very negative story focusing on the pharmaceutical industry’s involvement with the passage of Medicare Part D legislation.  Based on the comments left on CBS’ Website, many are (once again) very angry with Big Pharma. ... Continue Reading

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