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Must Read: Pew Releases The Social Life Of Health Information
 Update: I just read Susannah Fox's summary of the data on  She quoted an interesting stat from the study: "Facebook/MySpace/Twitter fans: You’re the big loser in this survey. There is very little evidence that social networks have become e-patient...
TechCruch Sparks Revolution Health Debate
A quick FYI: TechCruch posted on Revolution Health (see my article here) recently.  The article is pretty straight forward, but the real action is in the comments section.  It looks like Revolution Health and its competitors are arguing about the... Continue Reading
Using Cartoons To Communicate About Healthcare
Marketers are always looking for new ways to educate consumers about healthcare products, services and issues.  One successful tactic is developing educational cartoons.  Putting information in visual form is a great way to engage audiences and ignite conversations.  Following are... Continue Reading
A Conversation With Sermo, Inc. CEO Daniel Palestrant, MD
A few weeks ago, I wrote an article focusing on, a physician social network that taps into the collective wisdom of doctors to identify trends in medicine before they become widely known. In my post, I said that Continue Reading
Nov 7
The Evolution Of Corporate Blogging: Can Blogs Be Used For Corporate Disclosures?
Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, has long believed that blogs can help corporations better communicate with their stakeholders and increase the transparency of these organizations.  Schwartz practices what he preaches, maintaining a blog, “Jonathan’s Blog,” which attracts 50,000 visitors... Continue Reading
Trust, Transparency & Knowledge: A Conversation With OrganizedWisdom's Unity Stoakes
Over the past few weeks, I have been talking extensively about the benefits and drawbacks of health-focused user-generated content.  In a couple of posts, I focused on, an innovative new social networking Website that encourages people to develop and... Continue Reading

Sermo, Inc Physician Social Network Illustrates Best & Worst Of "The Wisdom Of Crowds"
The Rise Of Crowdsourcing & Healthcare
ChangeThis: An Innovative Way To Share Ideas; Your Support Needed
Social Media & Healthcare Communications: Government Gets Into The Act
Two New Online Health Services To Debut Next Week
Social Media & Healthcare Communications: New Resource Provides Guidance On The Engage & Encourage Strategy
Global Healthcare Blogger Survey Reminder
Harris Interactive: Number of Cyberchondriacs Increases
Healthline & Healia Respond To AOL’s Release Of Users’ Private Search Data
Examining The Social Media Press Release -- Part III: How Could The Healthcare Industry Use It?
Nicholas Lemann: Bloggers Get Off Your High Horse; You Are Not Journalists
First Global Study Of Healthcare Bloggers Launched
Quigley Corporation Vlog No Bellwether For Big Pharma Entry Into Vlogosphere
JupiterKagan Changes Its Stripes
Pharmaceutical Marketing: Drug Companies Embracing Podcasting
Pew Report Reveals Clues About US Health-Focused Bloggers
Nature Lists The Top 50 Science Blogs
Chatting About The Healthcare Blogosphere With Amy Tenderich
Webby Awards: "Seeing" Cardiovascular Disease; Optimizing Online Health Search
Healthcare and Blogs Interview Series Part III: Robb Hecht
Net Neutrality: The Debate Continues
Yes, Humans Are Still Important: A Lesson On The Dangers Of Google
Healthcare and Blogs Interview Series Part II: Hsien-Hsien Lei, PhD
Healthcare and Blogs Interview Series Part I: John Cass
The Six Habits Of Highly Effective Healthcare Bloggers
The Current State Of Podcasting In Healthcare
Google Trends: Measuring the Impact of Healthcare Communications
An Alternative To Google Co-op?
Reaction To Google Co-op Mixed
Google Health = Google Co-op
Blogs and Bulletin Boards: Differences, Similarities and Uses
Briefly Noted . . .
What Are The Implications Of Google Health?
First Comprehensive Report on Healthcare and Blogs Released
Healthcare Videos On YouTube
Why Genzyme Should Start A Blog
Audience Fragmentation and Social Media: Why Healthcare Is Different
Blogs and Healthcare: The Future Is Now
The Internet Toll Cometh?
British Rely On 6 Websites -- Really?

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