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Does New Yorker Article About “Neuroenhancing” Drugs Offer Glimpse Into Coming Post-Human Age?
 If you’re a fan of high-tech science fiction, you will be very familiar with the concept of post-humanity.  Like the theory of parallel universes, used to great effect in the recent Star Trek movie and the television series Fringe, the...
Three Questions Revisited
Early this year, I posted an article where I asked three questions I was looking to answer this year about healthcare.  I promised that I would be tracking these topics, but I was also looking to develop a perspective on... Continue Reading
Off Topic: On Nooses, Watson, Racism & Why Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Today, I'm departing from my usual focus on healthcare to discuss an issue that’s been weighing on my mind recently.  Another week, another firestorm about another racist gesture.  It seems we’ve seen it all recently.  Nooses hung from trees, doors... Continue Reading
Jan 8
Five Things You Don't Know About Me
Virtual (and reality) pal Toby Bloomberg tagged me a few weeks ago with the latest meme to cross the blogosphere: “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me.”  I normally don’t blog much about myself on either of my Weblogs, but... Continue Reading
Summer 2006 Edition Of Envisioning Published
I've just published the summer 2006 edition of my consultancy Envision Solutions' quarterly e-newsletter, Envisioning.  This quarter's edition tackles the pharmaceutical industry's image problem and healthcare blogs. Please click here to read the e-newsletter.  If you like what you read,... Continue Reading
Jul 7
Readers: I Want To Hear From You
Over the past seven months, I have greatly enjoyed maintaining this blog.  I have met a lot of  new people (virtually and in person) and learned a lot.  While (like many other bloggers) I write this blog to highlight topics... Continue Reading

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On V-Day Canadians Do Virtual Better
Prevent Chocolate Overdose: Don’t Use Clear Containers

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