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Oct 4
ChangeThis: An Innovative Way To Share Ideas; Your Support Needed
A few weeks ago, I announced that I published an e-book, “From Command & Control To Engage & Encourage” designed to help players in the healthcare industry get a handle on social media.  I’ve been very happy with the response...
Chasing Spinach: Law Firm Leverages Social Media To Attract Clients
Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published an interesting article focusing on how small business owners can leverage social media tools like blogs and podcasts to build relationships with their audiences and attract customers.  “According to the Journal: “When... Continue Reading
Social Media & Healthcare Communications: Government Gets Into The Act
R. Craig Lefebvre, author of the blog On Social Marketing and Social Change, posted a great article yesterday lamenting the fact that some folks in government shy away from implementing social media because well . . . they're "from the... Continue Reading
Social Media Marketing At Work: GourmetStation’s Get Out Of The Dog House Video Campaign
Two weeks ago, Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing Blog announced that she had helped launch a new contest, Get Out Of The Dog House, sponsored by specialty food company GourmetStation.  The campaign, which blends social and “traditional” media, is designed... Continue Reading
Sep 7
Social Media & Healthcare Communications: New Resource Provides Guidance On The Engage & Encourage Strategy
Last week, I talked a little bit about how social media is influencing healthcare communications.  In that post, I observed: "As social media slowly becomes more entrenched and influential in healthcare, it will become increasingly difficult for people in the... Continue Reading
The Pfizer Medical Humanities Initiative: Using Social Media Effectively & Successfully
After conducting research and speaking with people in the healthcare industry about social media I have come to recognize that one of the major barriers to the increased uptake of these technologies is fear.  People are afraid that if they... Continue Reading

Engage & Encourage Social Media Communications Archives


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