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Pharma’s Charm Offensive
Last summer, an article appeared in my firm Envision Solutions’ quarterly newsletter focusing on pharma’s image problem.  One key feature of the article was an online poll of 20 communicators, industry executives and others.  These individuals suggested that drug companies should begin proactively communicating to the public in order to change public perceptions of the industry.  What should pharma firms communicate?  They said:

- Put a human face on the industry by telling the personal stories of pharma company employees

- Reassure the public on drug safety

- Place drug pricing into context

- Communicate efforts to balance profit and human need

For a while, it appeared that the industry was not doing much to proactively communicate with the public.  Today, that appears to be changing.  
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Scrutinizing Industry-Non-Profit Corporate Alliances, The ADA & Transparency
As readers of this blog are aware, I have previously focused on the relationships between healthcare non-profits and corporate sponsors, specifically pharmaceutical companies. In this post, I noted that the media and others are scrutinizing the activities of these organizations... Continue Reading
Using Cartoons To Communicate About Healthcare
Marketers are always looking for new ways to educate consumers about healthcare products, services and issues.  One successful tactic is developing educational cartoons.  Putting information in visual form is a great way to engage audiences and ignite conversations.  Following are... Continue Reading
FDA & Pharma Industry Hatch Deal To Streamline Review Of DTC Advertising
Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FDA and the pharmaceutical/biotech industries have hatched a deal to streamline review of direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising.  Under the proposal, the FDA would ask drug firms to contribute between $40,000 and $50,000 to... Continue Reading
Learn More About Sermo & OrganizedWisdom At The Healthcare Blog
Matthew Holt, who writes The Health Care Blog, has a fantastic podcast up featuring Unity Stoakes of OrganizedWisdom and Daniel Palestrant, MD of  Readers of this blog know that I have covered both of these companies extensively in previous... Continue Reading
A Conversation With Sermo, Inc. CEO Daniel Palestrant, MD
A few weeks ago, I wrote an article focusing on, a physician social network that taps into the collective wisdom of doctors to identify trends in medicine before they become widely known. In my post, I said that Continue Reading
Nov 9
Are Drug Firms Wasting Their Money On DTC Advertising?
Last July, CommonHealth released an intriguing study focusing on direct-to-consumer advertising (DTC).  According to a company press release, the research “challenges many of the assumptions of both academic and policy critics of DTC.”According to CommonHealth, some of  the main criticisms... Continue Reading
Nov 7
The Evolution Of Corporate Blogging: Can Blogs Be Used For Corporate Disclosures?
Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, has long believed that blogs can help corporations better communicate with their stakeholders and increase the transparency of these organizations.  Schwartz practices what he preaches, maintaining a blog, “Jonathan’s Blog,” which attracts 50,000 visitors... Continue Reading
Nov 2
Phreesia's President & CEO Responds To Waiting Room Marketing Post
Earlier this week, I posted an article focusing on how pharmaceutical companies are marketing to patients in the waiting room.  In my post I highlighted the efforts of several companies, including Phreesia, which develops WebPads that patients fill out and... Continue Reading
Nov 1
Satisfy Your Craving For Social Media Knowledge
One of the great things about the blogosphere is that there is so much free knowledge available to all -- if you know where to find it.  I've greatly enjoyed reading/using the following social media resources and thought I'd share... Continue Reading

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