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Learn The Art Of Communicating With People Using Social Networks For Health & Wellness

As previously discussed on this blog, yesterday my firm Envision Solutions learn.jpgreleased an extensive report and produced an in-depth Webinar focusing on health social network communications.  The session and report (Achieving Openness: The Art Of Listening, Learning & Communicating With People Using Social Networks For Health & Wellness ) are now available for download.

This extensive (60 + page) free publication features:

-- Information about four major communications strategies health
organizations are currently using to engage with social networkers.

-- New data that will help health industry executives predict the impact
of two-way dialogue with social network users.

I want to take a moment to thank Inspire, CDC, TNS Media Intelligence Cymfony, Sermo, PatientsLikeMe and Ignite Health for participating in the Webinar and providing commentary for the report.  To listen to the Webinar and download the publication, please click here.

Image Source: The New York Times 

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