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Classic Post 1: As Observers Criticize Johnson & Johnson For Suing The Red Cross, Corporate Blog Could Play Valuable Role
Read this post to read about why I thought Johnson and Johnson should blog about the Red Cross suit.  Later J&J decided to focus on the issue on its corporate blog, JNJ BTW.
Three Questions Revisited
Early this year, I posted an article where I asked three questions I was looking to answer this year about healthcare.  I promised that I would be tracking these topics, but I was also looking to develop a perspective on... Continue Reading
Pew: Most Are Not Concerned About Wealth Of Personal Data Online; This Is A Problem
A new report released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project earlier this week reveals that people are “egosurfing” more often and use search engines when trying to learn about others.  According to Pew’s research, titled “Digital Footprints”:“47% of... Continue Reading
Making Sure The Health 2.0 “Movement” Really Matters
Recently, the physician technology publication MD Net Guide published the latest edition of my bi-monthly column, “Social Media Notebook.”  For this edition, I decided to relay my observations about the growing Health 2.0 "movement."  One of the major themes coming... Continue Reading
Esther Dyson To Appear On The Digital Health Revolution; Your Questions Please
As many of you know, I am the host of The Digital Health Revolution, a WebTV show produced by Scribe Media.  The program features in-depth interviews with the people who are using and developing the technologies that are shaping global... Continue Reading
Dec 6
Amazing Invention Turns Salt Water Into Fuel & Teaches Me A Lesson About Creativity
Today, after some days away from the blogosphere traveling and trying to meet deadlines, I came across an interesting post written on B.L. Ochman’s blog, What’s Next.  She highlighted an amazing video featuring an inventor who has turned salt water... Continue Reading

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