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Post From The Past: Depression Education, Cause Alliances & Social Media Communications

In the second edition of my "Posts from the Past" series, I'd like to highlight a group of articles I wrote in 2007 about pharma-non-profit cause alliances and social media.  Given that my blogging time is getting ever-shorter, I'm not sure when I'll publish another series like this, but revisiting them is always lots of fun for me.  To read the series, please click here.


On Healthy People 2020: Improving Trust & Health Literacy Should Be Priority
Although it is not widely known, the US government is responsible for meeting specific public health goals over a ten-year period.  Because of an initiative called Healthy People, government agencies like Health and Human Services have committed to, among other... Continue Reading
Research: Most Online Communities Tank
This summer, lots of new research is being published focusing on the real-world impact of social technologies.  While going through my Twitter inbox I came across a post on one of the Wall Street Journal’s blogs citing a Deloitte study... Continue Reading
Grand Rounds: New Producers, But Still Going Strong
A few weeks ago, Nick Genes, MD, PhD founder of the popular health blog carnival Grand Rounds announced that he would be no longer handling the day-to-day production of the online event.  I was sad to hear this, but happy... Continue Reading
Post From The Past: Audience Fragmentation and Social Media: Why Healthcare Is Different
With summer winding down and many on vacation, I thought it would be a nice idea to highlight some posts that continue to receive many visits despite being years old.  Sometimes I find it helpful to revisit old posts and... Continue Reading
Aug 6
Esther Dyson & CDC Talk The Web & Other Topics On The Digital Health Revolution
Last year I had the opportunity to speak with Internet guru Esther Dyson for the Digital Health Revolution.  We spoke about a range of subjects, including the future of the Internet and the impact of the genetic revolution on how... Continue Reading
Aug 5
Must-Read: Universal Mccann’s Global Study On Social Technology Use
Forrester’s Jeremiah Owyang posted a note recently about Universal Mccann’s global data on social technology usage patterns (i.e., blogging, social networking, etc.).  This is a very interesting study that provides some context on how the United States stacks up with... Continue Reading

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