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Swine Flu Communications Effort Serves As Live Case Study

Like many Americans (and others around the world) I have been closely watching the swine flu public health crisis unfold with great interest.  However, I am also looking at it to see how HHS and CDC have applied the many lessons they have learned about new media/social media communications to work in real time.  One of the things I mentioned during my talk at Social Pharmer last week is the importance of starting small so that you have the skills and understanding to launch large-scale social media-related communications efforts in the future.  CDC and HHS have clearly learned this lesson.

To better understand how HHS is leveraging social media tools like Twitter and widgets to communicate with the public, please see this post from the blog. 

Final Social Pharmer Thoughts: Coming Back To Transparency
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Your Input Needed: Social Pharmer Talk Re: Transparency & Openness In Pharma Social Media Powered Activities
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Pending Federal Trade Commission Regulations May Chill Some Social Media Marketing Activity
In the pharmaceutical marketing arena, people have been paying a lot of attention to the lack of Food and Drug Administration guidance on social media marketing.  However, less attention has been directed toward another regulatory body, the Federal Trade... Continue Reading
Apr 1
FDA Issues Draft Guidance On Social Media? Not Today!
Today, my e-mail box has been burning up with astounding news from the FDA regarding social media marketing.  In a press release, which is starting to be widely distributed online, the FDA is said to be developing draft guidance on... Continue Reading

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