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Key Headline From Waggener Edstrom Webinar: Pharma Working With FDA On Social Media Marketing Guidance

I spent some time this morning attending a very interesting Webinar produced bywebinar.jpg communications shop Waggener Edstrom focusing on digital health communications. The Webinar featured several public health and pharma executives highlighting government and industry initiatives in the social media arena.

My ears really perked up when Sanofi Aventis’ Mark Gaydos mentioned that his firm, along with four other companies, are currently working with the FDA to develop guidance on how the drug industry should market using social technologies.  Gaydos was careful to mention that the drug firms are developing guidance not regulations.  

This was interesting news.  I noticed that some following the meeting on Twitter wished that folks from DDMAC were no the panel.  I'm sure we all would have loved to pepper agency representatives with lots of questions.  

Waggner Edstrom also published a white paper on digital health communications that you can download by clicking here.  I’d like to thank the agency for citing and drawing from “Connecting Patents, Overcoming Uncertainty,” the white paper my firm (Envision Solutions) TNS Cymfony and law firm Seyfarth Shaw developed focusing on regulatory sensitive pharma social media marketing communications.

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