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Jun 4
A Counterproposal: Four Digital Activities Pharma Companies MUST Engage In Now Or Next Year
  This morning, I came across a tweet by Jonathan Richman, who writes the blog Dose of Digital, focusing on "10 digital marketing ideas pharmaceutical companies will never try (but should).”  Richman said that he created the list because he has...
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Social Media “Experts”: You’ve Got To Know Your Stuff
Thanks to Silja Choquet (whydotpharma on Twitter), I learned about a post on Sally Church’s blog, Pharma Strategy Blog, focusing on social media “experts” who are providing incoherent or inappropriate advice to pharmaceutical companies about social media marketing strategy. ... Continue Reading
Hospital CEO Blogger Provides Example Of True Transparency
Bob Coffield, a lawyer and blogger practicing in West Virginia, and I have been having an interesting conversation about transparency in healthcare.  He turned me on to a recent post from Running A Hospital, which is written by hospital CEO... Continue Reading
Blogs Versus Social Networks: Which Online Tools Will Capture Healthcare Providers’ Eyeballs?
Last week I participated in an interview with Nicholas Genes, MD, PhD, founder of the popular blog carnival Grand Rounds.  Genes has been a major force in medical blogging for many years now and asked me whether more physicians will... Continue Reading
BioPharma Company Cephalon Takes Tentative Step Into The Healthcare Blogosphere
As readers of this blog are aware, I’m always on the lookout for examples of how healthcare companies are utilizing technology to communicate with their stakeholders.  Recently, I learned about a Website developed by Cephalon, a biopharmaceutical company that develops... Continue Reading
New UMass Dartmouth Study: Social Media, The Inc. 500 & Healthcare
Earlier this week, Eric Mattson (who writes several blogs, including Marketing Blurb here on the Know More Media network) and Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, released details of a fascinating study focusing on business adoption... Continue Reading

A Conversation With Sermo, Inc. CEO Daniel Palestrant, MD
Satisfy Your Craving For Social Media Knowledge
Sermo, Inc Physician Social Network Illustrates Best & Worst Of "The Wisdom Of Crowds"
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Social Media & Healthcare Communications: Government Gets Into The Act
Social Media Marketing At Work: GourmetStation’s Get Out Of The Dog House Video Campaign
Social Media & Healthcare Communications: New Resource Provides Guidance On The Engage & Encourage Strategy
The Pfizer Medical Humanities Initiative: Using Social Media Effectively & Successfully
Examining The Social Media Press Release -- Part III: How Could The Healthcare Industry Use It?
Examining The Social Media Press Release -- Part II: Paradigm Shift Or Incremental Change?
Examining The Social Media Press Release -- Part I: Is It Ready For Prime Time?

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