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First Global Study Of Healthcare Bloggers Launched

I am pleased to announce the launch of the first comprehensive global study of healthcare bloggers, the “Taking the Pulse of the Healthcare Blogopshere” survey. The poll, which is co-produced by my firm Envision Solutions, LLC and The Medical Blog Network, is the first systematic attempt to gather comprehensive opinion and demographic data from the global community of healthcare bloggers. Please click here to read a press release about the survey.

Some key facts about the survey:

- The 2006 edition of the survey will run surveylogo.jpgfrom July 31 to September 29. It is open to individuals and organizations that devote at least 30% of their blogging time to healthcare-related topics. To learn more about the survey, please click here.

- Envision Solutions and TMBN will release the preliminary results of the survey in the late fall. The final results will be presented at Healthcare Blogging Summit 2006 taking place in Washington, D.C. on December 11.

- Envision Solutions and TMBN will collect and analyze data provided by a global sample of healthcare bloggers willing to take the survey. While the data is expected to provide new insights into the attitudes and behaviors of this community, we acknowledge that we may be surveying the most active bloggers and caution against applying the data to the overall healthcare blogopshere.

I hope that readers of this blog focusing on healthcare will take the time to take the survey and post about it on your Weblogs. The more respondents we gather data from, the stronger the survey.

Thanks and please feel free to contact me with any questions about the study.

JupiterKagan Incident Revisited
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Quigley Corporation Vlog No Bellwether For Big Pharma Entry Into Vlogosphere
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Off-Label Conversation: Education Or Criminal Act?
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JupiterKagan Changes Its Stripes
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Summer 2006 Edition Of Envisioning Published
I've just published the summer 2006 edition of my consultancy Envision Solutions' quarterly e-newsletter, Envisioning.  This quarter's edition tackles the pharmaceutical industry's image problem and healthcare blogs. Please click here to read the e-newsletter.  If you like what you read,... Continue Reading
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Jul 7
Nature Lists The Top 50 Science Blogs
Nature has just published this list of the top 50 science blogs by Technorati rating.  One of my favorite blogs, "In The Pipeline" is listed.  Take a look at the comments section.  Some want to know why there aren't many... Continue Reading
Readers: I Want To Hear From You
Over the past seven months, I have greatly enjoyed maintaining this blog.  I have met a lot of  new people (virtually and in person) and learned a lot.  While (like many other bloggers) I write this blog to highlight topics... Continue Reading
Jul 6
Guest Post -- Social Marketing: You Think You Know What It Means? Think Again.
Nedra Kline Weinreich, social marketing consultant and author of the blog Spare Change is holding a "Social Marketing University" from September 18 to 19 at UCLA.  During this two-day event, Weinreich will be providing tips and tools that will help... Continue Reading
Jul 3
Blogs and Corporate Communications: What Big Pharma Can Learn From GM
You couldn’t ask for a better case study illustrating the power of a corporate blog.  On May 31, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times wrote an editorial (subscription required) slamming General Motors (GM) .  He criticized GM for: -Producing... Continue Reading

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