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Pharmaceutical Marketing: Media, Critics Honing In On Pharma-Advocacy Organization Alliances
Over the past decade or so, pharmaceutical companies have worked with advocacy organizations and medical societies on a range of projects designed to raise awareness of illness and educate physicians on issues relating to products they manufacture.  These “cause alliances”...
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New Journals Highlighting Negative Study Results
According to the latest edition of Sharon Begley's Science Journal (published in the Wall Street Journal, subscription required), some scientists are creating journals that highlight the negative results of clinical trials.  They are doing this partly to respond to analyses... Continue Reading
Consumer-Driven Healthcare: Customer Satisfaction Does Not Equal Quality
Consumer-driven healthcare (CDHC) is a concept that has steadily gained traction over the past decade or so.  At its heart is the idea that if patients have enough information they will make better decisions about their care.  In addition, some... Continue Reading
Briefly Noted: The Politics Of Disclosure; The Off-Label Promotion Debate; The Art & Science Of Evidence-Based Medicine
The Politics Of Disclosure: In recent weeks, there has been a great deal of conversation about the need for drug firms and academic researchers to disclose their ties to the pharmaceutical industry.  For example, supporters of full disclosure argue that... Continue Reading
Apr 7
Cross Post Time: On Race and Medicine
I thought readers of this blog might be interested in an interview series I am running on race and medicine on my other blog, Envisioning 2.0.  To date, I have run three interviews in this series.  It is titled, "Conversations... Continue Reading
Government Taps Docs To Tout Diuretics
Tearing a page from the pharmaceutical industry's play book, the government has announced that  it has started a  program designed to encourage physicans to use more diuretics.  This detailing effort was launched, in part, to counter marketing efforts by pharmaceutical... Continue Reading

Greed or Economics? -- You Be The Judge
Tired Of Health Studies That Sow Mass Confusion? Me Too.

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