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Help Pew Tweak Its Next Internet Survey

This fall the Pew Internet & American Life project will be conducting a newsurvey2.jpeg national survey looking at the influence of the Internet on health.  Pew’s Internet use survey is incredibly influential and is the study many people cite first when talking about this topic.

Now, Pew’s Susannah Fox is asking for a little bit of help with the new study.  Fox writes: “One of the first tasks is to look at our tried and true 'trend' questions and decide which ones we should repeat as is and which ones need to be updated.  Since I benefit so much from reader comments on this blog, I'd like to crowd-source some questions for this survey.

The first question I would like to consider is the ‘screener’ question which yields our estimate that 80% of internet users go online for health information.”

Now’s your chance to influence this important study by providing your comments on this question.  Click here to learn more.


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More On Health 2.0: Are Consumers Central Or Secondary?
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Participate In An Innovative Web Dialogue About Interactive Media & Health
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Sep 9
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Sep 3
The State Of The Health Blogosphere
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