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Support I Know. I Took the Test Day

The Department of Health and Human Services and a number of its partner organizations are promoting National HIV Testing Day on June 27.  The day is designed to encourage Americans to get tested for HIV and encourage others to do so.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 out of 5 people living with HIV in the U.S. are unaware they have the disease.  That number needs to come down.

Among other activities, HHS’s and its partners are encouraging people to:

1.    Share your story about what taking the HIV test mean to you.
2.    Encourage others to get tested.  You can send a text message with your ZIP code to KNOWIT or visiting to find a local testing center

Support the cause by spreading the word.  And, if you don’t know your HIV status get tested.  

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Taking an HIV test can be emotionally difficult. So much so that many of us put our own HIV status to the back of our minds, or convince ourselves that the effort or stress of taking a test outweighs the benefits of knowing our HIV status for sure. We only tend to think of HIV tests as something that we do to find out that we are HIV positive. So if you don’t believe you have HIV then why would you test?

Whether or not you think about your own HIV status, or know your own HIV status, you still have an HIV status. You are either HIV negative or HIV positive. Taking an HIV test won’t change your HIV status but it will inform you what your HIV status is. Not taking a test doesn’t mean that you are HIV negative, it simply means that you don’t know what your HIV status is.

You may have already heard that around 30% of gay men with HIV don’t know they have it, but did you also know that around 90% of gay men in London who say that they are unsure of their HIV status are actually HIV negative. That’s 90% of the people who may be concerned about their HIV status worrying for no reason. Knowing your HIV status – whether it’s positive or negative – is empowering. It enables you to make informed decisions about your future, your relationships and the sex you have. The phrase ‘knowledge equals power’ is certainly true when it comes to your own HIV status.

Its very important to make an aware of HIV and help the patient who suffering from this disease.Each organisation and nation should come-up with special attention and schemes to such fields and have an strong updates of patient and track them better,Support them with right guidance and try bring them out this problem by suggesting them to take the test in the right time,health departments do have taken up measures to overcome it,really happy to know and thanks for sharing information through these blogs too..

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