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Thinking About Health 2.0: Burma Protests Teach Us Why Successful Tech Satisfies Basic Human Needs

The world has been riveted by the massive pro-democracy protests taking placeburma_protests.jpg in Myanmar (also known as Burma).  Once again the brutal regime is cracking down on peaceful protesters.  Once again, it is trying to hide its actions.  However, this time technology is helping people around the world learn about what’s happening in that tiny, often forgotten country.  

A few days ago, the Associated Press had this to say about how people are helping to turn the world’s attention to the protests:

“Cell phones and the Internet are playing a crucial role in telling the world about Myanmar's pro-democracy protests, with video footage sometimes transmitted one frame at a time.  Reporters Without Borders said Wednesday the junta has cut some cell phone service. . . [T]he world has been watching through television and still images smuggled out of Myanmar over the Internet — sometimes . . . one frame at a time. Dramatic images arrive via e-mails to exiled activists and via mobile phone calls to journalists outside the country, also known as Burma.  Hundreds of images are simply posted on the Internet for anyone to see.”


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Hillary Clinton Cans Negative GQ Story: Healthcare Companies, Don’t Try This At Home
Today I came across this shocking article published on “Clinton Campaign Kills Negative Story.” What?!  I know some may think I’m naive, but I’m no expert in celebrity or entertainment PR where this publicity move is practiced on a... Continue Reading
At The Epicenter Of Health 2.0
I’m currently at the Health 2.0 conference, co-produced by my friend Matthew Holt.  The conference is quite well-attended with a list of prominent speakers and innovators in the health arena. The excitement and interest in this area is very encouraging... Continue Reading
FDA Using Novel & Tried & True Techniques To Investigate & Publicize Adverse Events
I came across three announcements recently indicating that the FDA is starting to utilize new and traditional resources to investigate and publicize adverse events.  The first has to do with Sermo, which – contrary to some predictions – is becoming... Continue Reading
OrganizedWisdom Re-Launches As A Human-Powered Online Health Search Engine, But Will It Work?
Next week, OrganizedWisdom will attempt what is referred to in marketing circles as a re-launch.  Last year, the company debuted as a platform where consumers could share “health wisdom.”  However, the founders, Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes, quickly changed course. ... Continue Reading
Online Health Search: Hello Natural Language, Goodbye SEO?
An article by Matt Kain published in today’s iMedia Connection is both intriguing and scary – if you’re in the search engine optimization business.  According to Kain: “What if you could deliver search results based not on exactly matching words... Continue Reading
Sep 5
New White Paper Provides Drug Companies With Advice On How To Overcome Regulatory Barriers To Successful Social Media Communications
Over the past year, I’ve been reading Richard Meyer’s blog, World of DTC Marketing, with great interest.  Meyer serves as Senior Global eMarkeing Manager for Medtronic and worked at Eli Lilly and Company for many years.  He is well-qualified to... Continue Reading
Sep 4
Depression Education, Cause Alliances & Social Media Communications -- Part VI
This article represents the final installment of a six-part series focusing on the Wyeth-sponsored non-profit coalition Depression Is Real.  To learn more about this series, please click here. ... Continue Reading

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