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Thank You & Blog Holiday

I will be taking a break from blogging for the rest of the year. I will return during the first week of January.

I'd like to thank:

- Everyone who has subscribed to and read this blog over the past year

- All those who have agreed to be interviewed for articles

- All those who have left comments and helped to spark additional conversation and posts.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


The Revolution Begins: A Sneak Peak At Revolution Health’s Beta Website
Update: Revolution Health is now inviting people to join its Website.  Click here to learn more. This morning, Steve case, co-founder and former CEO of AOL, posted an article on a password-protected blog on Revolution Health’s beta Website about why... Continue Reading
The Bible, The Long Tail & Healthcare
Fact I: The Bible is the best selling book of all time.  Fact II: The Bible is the best selling book each and every year.  These facts are even more surprising when one realizes that a Bible is present in... Continue Reading
TIME’S Person Of The Year: You
TIME magazine has named this year’s person of the year.  Rather than picking a politician, celebrity or advocate, they’ve chosen . . . you.  Yes, TIME is paying homage to all of the people who are blogging, podcasting, networking and... Continue Reading
Much Love For Big Pharma In The Blogosphere?
It all started with a post from Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, where he gave a big thank you to the pharmaceutical industry for developing life-saving medications.  A drug company executive sent him a note about his book, “An Army Of Davids”... Continue Reading
Examining Anonymity In The Healthcare Blogosphere & A Conversation With “Gadfly”
Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the first Healthcare Blogging Summit, which was held on December 11 in Washington, DC.  During the conference, I presented some of the key results of a global online survey of... Continue Reading
Taking The Pulse Of The Healthcare Blogosphere
Earlier this year, my firm Envision Solutions and The Medical Blog Network launched the first global survey of healthcare bloggers. Today, we released the results of this poll, which will be discussed during the Healthcare Blogging Summit this afternoon in... Continue Reading
Dec 7
Taco Bell, E. Coli & The Hard-Core Consumer
If you are a Taco Bell customer, it’s likely that you have been avoiding the restaurants over the past few days. The fast food chain has been linked to an outbreak of e. coli bacteria that has sickened dozens in... Continue Reading
Dec 5
Harris/WSJ Survey: Health Savings Accounts Are Still Unattractive To Most Americans
Proponents of consumer-driven healthcare have often touted Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) as one means of driving down healthcare costs and making patients more responsible for paying medical expenses.  According to the Treasury Department, HSAs “enable [people] to pay for current... Continue Reading

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