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Jul 9
Going for Broke With the Path of the Blue Eye
A few months ago, I mentioned an initiative that I've been working on that's been stretching me to the limit and beyond.  Today, I'm pleased to announce that the Path of the Blue Eye project has been officially launched....
Jun 4
A Counterproposal: Four Digital Activities Pharma Companies MUST Engage In Now Or Next Year
  This morning, I came across a tweet by Jonathan Richman, who writes the blog Dose of Digital, focusing on "10 digital marketing ideas pharmaceutical companies will never try (but should).”  Richman said that he created the list because he has... Continue Reading
Understanding the U.S. African Market
 Recently, the U.S. African Chamber of Commerce released an important and groundbreaking study examining the U.S. African population.  This group, which sees itself as distinctly African and different from the African American population represents $50 billion in largely untapped purchasing... Continue Reading
May 8
Online Communication: CDC & FDA Make Great Strides, But More Is Needed
This year, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unveiled new and improved Websites designed to help consumers easily locate reliable health information.  The CDC’s Website has a range of new features, including regularly... Continue Reading
Jan 4
Three Questions I’d Like To Answer In 2007 Re: The "Marketing" Of Healthcare
Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that your holiday season was restful and fun.  Over the past week I’ve been catching up on the news and I’ve noticed that there are always lots of predictions about what issues will be... Continue Reading
Using Cartoons To Communicate About Healthcare
Marketers are always looking for new ways to educate consumers about healthcare products, services and issues.  One successful tactic is developing educational cartoons.  Putting information in visual form is a great way to engage audiences and ignite conversations.  Following are... Continue Reading

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