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Jun 2
Silence is the Enemy: Stop Sexual Abuse
 Recently, I received a note via my Facebook account asking me to consider joining a movement dedicated to ending the sexual abuse of men women and children living in Liberia. "Silence Is The Enemy," focuses on assaults taking place in...
Scrutinizing Industry-Non-Profit Corporate Alliances, The ADA & Transparency
As readers of this blog are aware, I have previously focused on the relationships between healthcare non-profits and corporate sponsors, specifically pharmaceutical companies. In this post, I noted that the media and others are scrutinizing the activities of these organizations... Continue Reading
Patient Advocacy Organizations: When Does It Pay To Play Together?
Today’s Wall Street Journal features an interesting article (subscription required) about how the numbers of patient advocacy organizations has exploded in recent years.  While this may be good news for patients, the glut of healthcare non-profits is making it more... Continue Reading

Non-Profit Collaboration Archives


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