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Classic Post #3: JupiterKagan Changes Its Stripes
After a major online blow-up focusing on a study JupiterKagan published focusing on corporate blogs, the company changes its tune on its disclosure policies. 
Classic Post #2: Genzyme Answers Tough Questions About Its Pricing Strategies
In this post, which was part of an ongoing series focusing on the biotech industry, Genzyme answers some tough questions about how it prices its products.  ... Continue Reading
Classic Post #1: British Cyberchondriacs Want Straight Online Talk
In this post, I focused on a British study on online health searchers' habits.   Click here to understand why they seek straight talk and favor advice from their peers. ... Continue Reading
Blog Holiday
I will be taking a break from blogging until the first week of June. However, rather than letting the blog go dark for two weeks, I've set up my blogging software to re-post a series of articles on social media,... Continue Reading
Is The Medical Blogosphere Dying?
Dr. Kevin Pho, author of the popular blog Kevin, MD has been writing an excellent series of posts (click here, here and here) focusing on the recent evolution of the medical blogosphere.  In recent days, a number of prominent medical... Continue Reading
Google Universal Search & Healthcare Social Media: Game Changing Or More Of The Same?
Earlier this week Google announced that it has revamped its search engine in order to redefine and reorganize how results are displayed.  Google’s new offering combines results from its news, image and general search engines.  For example, a search on... Continue Reading
Social Network Bans Ads; Should Marketers Worry?
Today, pharmaceutical industry e-newsletter ePharm5 reported (subscription required) that Famster, a social networking Website for families has banned advertising.  The company made this move (subscription required to access press release) “in response to user feedback.”  Citizens of the online community... Continue Reading
Virtual Social Media Workshops Launched
I’m pleased to announce that I will be hosting a series of virtual social media workshops this summer.  These one-hour teleconferences are designed to provide healthcare industry stakeholders with answers to their burning questions about how to successfully engage social... Continue Reading
May 8
Online Communication: CDC & FDA Make Great Strides, But More Is Needed
This year, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unveiled new and improved Websites designed to help consumers easily locate reliable health information.  The CDC’s Website has a range of new features, including regularly... Continue Reading
May 3
Agnes Shanley Says "Blog Schmog"; I Beg To Differ
Earlier this month, fellow healthcare blogger Agnes Shanley attempted to pop the hype bubble surrounding blogging.  Shanley who writes the Weblog, On Pharma said: “Zube-gate aside, rumors of [blog's] power to change the world have been greatly exaggerated. ‘The temptation... Continue Reading
May 1
BrandWeek: Legal Maneuvers Signal New Phase In War Against Drug Touting Celebrities
Jim Edwards at BrandWeek has been publishing some very interesting stories lately about how the federal government and industry critics are honing in on relationships between celebrities and supplement/drug manufacturers.  Pharmaceutical companies and their public relations/advertising firms have long worked... Continue Reading

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