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An Alternative To Google Co-op?
eHealth has the scoop on a new health-related search engine,, that has some nifty features.  One thing I like about the site is that it allows you to segment search results by audience (teens, seniors, ethnicity) and level of expertise.  Those looking for an alternative to Google Co-op should take a look at this site.

The site appears to favor search results from universities, public health organizations and other established sources.  I conducted a few searches and didn't see blogs listed (at least on the first few pages of the search).  However, because you can submit sites to the search engine, I expect this omission to be quickly remedied.

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Wouldn't you know it, I searched for "kidney stones" again and I'm much more impressed with the results.

Still, as a 'health care professional,' I'm not sure I'd use it. I often use Google (regular searching) or Wikipedia to find the best terminology for a pathology or a simple mechanism for some process; I then take the key words that pop up and use those in a proper search in the medical textbooks.

Patients use their own words to describe how they are feeling. For example, a person might point to their flank or groin and say "it hurts here." That phrase is hard to find in the med books, so a google for "flank pain" reveals the more technical "renal colic" on some web pages. I can search my texts with the more 'appropriate' medicalese (jargon) and learn everything I need to know.

So, whilst it seems I'll never be satisfied by these health portals due to the generally low quality of material they return, I still enjoy taking advantage of basic search capabilities to lead me to the really good stuff.


Thanks for trying out the service and leaving your comments. I appreciate that you always have something insightful to add to the conversation.



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